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Outdoor Signs

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Are you struggling with attracting new customers or making your business stand out? A great outdoor sign might just be what you need.

custom lighted signs

Picture Jane, your potential customer. She researched your business. The next day, she drove out to visit your place. Suddenly, she found herself in a busy Los Angeles street, not knowing exactly where you’re located. She tried to look, but there’s just no signage within sight.

The result? She went to your competition who had an attention-grabbing outdoor sign that’s free for all to see.

You just lost a sale because you lack an outdoor sign, or yours was poorly designed. You do not want this to happen—ever.

Just imagine how much you will lose on a monthly basis because you failed to invest in a long-lasting advertisement. A great outdoor sign will prevent lost business and more!

The good news? Signmakers will provide this for you.

We design, manufacture, and install eye-catching exterior signage that is sure to attract new customers. We will also closely work with you. Building your brand through our outdoor signs is our priority. We will utilize your logo, brand colors, and fonts to exactly represent your business.

Signmakers delivers effective signage that will establish your presence and let people know what you’re offering. The creativity and professionalism behind our work will benefit your business in more ways than one. Increased sales, brand awareness, nonstop advertising, and being a standout business are just some of them.

A great outdoor sign will definitely boost your sales and reflect the commitment you have in growing your business. After all, no committed business owner will put up with ugly signage or forget about them altogether.

So if you want to gain more customers and establish a reputable business name in Los Angeles, talking to us is the first step.

Call Signmakers at 323-930-1300 for a Free Consultation!

Storefront & Building Signs

Outdoor Signs Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 24613 PM 300x229

Attracting customers and clients can be hard along a busy city street. Without the right storefront and building sign, it’s even way harder.

No matter what the English idiom told you, a book will almost always be judged by its cover. Unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on how you utilize this fact—there’s no difference when it comes to your business.

If you put a barely visible, misspelled, sloppy, and dull sign in front of your store or building, no one will take you seriously. No one may even take notice of your business in the first place.

What you offer wouldn’t matter if you leave your potential customers with a wrong impression. You need to ‘wow’ them at first glance.

You need not just any sign to put outside your building. What you need is an outdoor sign that will grab everyone’s attention while effectively building your brand. We, at Signmakers, will help you with that.

We recognize the uniqueness of your business. You have different needs and goals that set you apart. We will always take that into consideration. We will learn about your business location, the traffic flow in your area, your nearby competitors, your budget, and your brand personality—all these will be our guide to provide you the storefront sign with the right size, placement, and style.

Signmakers knows how your one-time investment in our durable and enticing storefront signs can benefit your business. We guarantee the most effective signs that won’t put your money to waste.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Outdoor Signs COORS lit 300x200

Businesses from different industries commonly prefer channel letters and dimensional letters. These signs are highly customizable, with every signage element to be individually mounted on a building facade.

Letters, numbers, symbols, and business logos can be added using channel letters and dimensional letters. These elements will then pop out from the building wall, making it more attractive for potential customers.

If your business has a well-known name already, this type of outdoor sign will be a great choice. You wouldn’t have any problem standing out in a crowded street with these highly visible channel letters.

We give you the freedom to decide on the sign’s fonts, colors, and placements. Yet, of course, we will always be giving expert recommendations along the way.

No matter what type your business is or where you are located, channel letters will work well for you. They will effectively build your brand with their versatility and customizability.

Lighted Signs

Outdoor Signs Screenshot 20200819 210638 Gmail1 300x226

Not all businesses only run during the day. Nor do all of them only operate when they’re easily visible. If your business is one of those establishments that functions 24/7, no matter the outside condition is, lighted signs are your best bet.

At Signmakers, we offer a wide range of lighted sign options. Illuminated channel letters, backlit dimensional letters, lighted cabinet signs, and digital displays and message boards are among your choices. We also manufacture LED signs if you want the retro neon feel but want to opt for a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly choice.

Lighted signs will attract potential customers at any time of the day. They work best for nightclubs, bars, comedy clubs, theatres, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, retail businesses, and more.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront sign panel

Another popular outdoor sign among various business types is the custom sign panels. These are solid panels manufactured from different materials in a number of different ways—depending on your choice.

Sign panels are fixtures on your storefront that can contain as much information as you like. If it goes well with your brand, full-color designs and images can also be added to it. Additionally, aside from being versatile, the key feature of a sign panel is its inexpensiveness.

Your custom sign panels can either be a vinyl affixed to a metal plate or a lightbox with an acrylic face and translucent printing. It can be a small door plaque or a full storefront panel. In the end, it will depend on your business’s needs and goals. The location and brand of your business will be our guiding factors as well as your budget.

But do not fret. Signmakers will help you determine the sign panel that perfectly fits your business.

Sign panels are great choices for every business that is looking for an effective and highly-customizable storefront sign. They are especially opted for by owners of small businesses, manufacturing plants, and auto repair and service centers.

Canopy & Awning Signs

custom awning sign

Canopy signs will be perfect for your desire to be unique in attracting new customers. They will not just display your business name and establish your brand. They can also protect your visitors and storefront from various outdoor elements.

Many different materials can be used to manufacture awning signs. Commonly, though, they are made out of a stretched canvas. They are often hung over business’ entrances and/or windows. These signs typically have all of the business’ branding elements printed directly on the canvas.

Signmakers will make sure your canopy sign will fit your business and drive more sales. All your needs and goals will be addressed through our professional work.

Canopy signs are perfect for those who want a boutique feel in their business. These are commonly used for salons, galleries, hotels, specialty shops, jewelry stores, and shopping centers.

Monument Signs

custom foam monument sign

Your business deserves a gorgeous entrance that will grab everyone’s attention. If your business location allows it, a monument sign will be perfect for doing that.

These permanent structures are durable and are known for their elegance and ability to stand out. The letterings and/or panels incorporated in it—depending on your choice—will exhibit your business name, address, logo, and other important details.

Based on your location, brand, and visibility needs, you can choose how your monument sign will be styled. We will help you determine what would suit your business best. It can be a monument sign with a digital message board, lighting, or a sign that’s built out of a solid material.

Once we have the design that works for you, Signmakers will build and install it. Rest assured, it will effectively promote your business and keep new clients coming.

Monument signs are popular among churches, schools, universities, government buildings, corporate offices, resorts, and private clubs.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Outdoor Signs MAR VISTA 3 4 300x300

If you want to stand out, there’s no better choice than pole signs, pylon signs, and tenant signs. They increase your visibility and reach a wider range of potential customers.

Even if someone is still a way off from your business, they can already see where you’re located. Chances are, they wouldn’t bother checking out other similar businesses since they already found you and decided to check you out instead. That’s the leverage you wouldn’t want to miss.

Pole signs’ towering nature increases your visibility ten folds. This is extremely helpful, especially if you haven’t secured a business spot that’s easy to locate.

In Signmakers, we will help you decide the best height, size, and display type for your pole sign. Guaranteed, you couldn’t invest in a better long-lasting marketing strategy than this.

Pole signs will undoubtedly draw attention to your shopping center, gas station, supermarket, or fast-food business. For any other businesses that are out of the main road, pole signs can perfectly drive the sales you need.

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Outdoor Signs MDR 1 300x225

Your business would never go wrong with having a great outdoor sign. Whether it is for brand awareness, to exude professionalism, or to reflect your commitment as a business owner, outdoor signs are significant keys to do it.

Every business needs advertising. And we at Signmakers will provide you the inexpensive option to do that.

We have a wide variety of outdoor signs we can customize for your specific business. Whatever you need it for, our outdoor signs are guaranteed to be functional and will return your investment for a long time.

Among the business needs our signs could help with are the following:

  • Improved visibility
  • Reach a wider range of audience
  • Attract more sales
  • Prevent lost sales
  • Leave an awesome first impression
  • Inexpensive promotion
  • Non-stop advertising
  • Non-intrusive marketing practice
  • One-time, long-lasting investment
  • Building a business brand

In Signmakers, our goal is to provide you with the outdoor sign that best represents your business. No matter the type of exterior signage you choose, customizing it to your brand personality and business goals will be our priority.

Our other exterior signs include:

You don’t have to worry if you can’t see any sign you like. This list is just a glimpse of the various outdoor signs that we can create for you. Once you talk to our expert project managers and consultants, we can start planning for your desired exterior sign right away.

We even have some better news for you. If you are looking for indoor signs as well, we can also deliver quality results for that.

Signmakers covers every signage need you can think of!

Tools? Resources? We have them all. Paired with the knowledge of our team, we promise to deliver functional and attractive signs for your business.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

custom outdoor dimensional signs

Aside from our extensive options for outdoor signs, Signmakers also boasts of our comprehensive signage services.

Our whole process will not just be expertly handled by our team. It will also include you along the way. All your opinions and concerns will be taken into consideration the whole time. From creating the design to installing your actual outdoor sign, every detail will be subject to your approval.

If by any chance, you already have existing signage, we will make sure to utilize your already established signage elements. Our graphic designers will see to it that you have a consistent brand yet with a more effective and enticing outdoor sign to reinforce it.

However, if you’re starting your sign from scratch, our team is more than happy to create the entire signage plan for your business. With our complete set of commercial signage services, you can count on us for the following:

  • Fast sign printing by creating the right file type and size
  • Expertly designed outdoor business signs
  • Properly manufactured exterior signage
  • Your personally approved signage type and design
  • Complete necessities during installation
  • Secure and quality installation
  • Durable outdoor business signs
  • Quick permission process for your exterior sign (if required)

Signmakers works with an expert team that knows the ins and outs of the signage business. From designing your outdoor business sign to actually putting it up, the quality of our work is impeccable.

We guarantee not just the graphical superiority of our exterior signage. The durability and functionality of our products will also double the value of your money.

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

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Signmakers is a dedicated outdoor sign provider. We aim to provide your business with personalized exterior signage that will establish your brand and promote your products and/or services.

With our high-quality outdoor signs, rest assured that your visibility will increase as much as your new everyday sales. If you want to stand out amidst the various Los Angeles businesses, do not hesitate to discuss your signage needs with our team now.

We are excited to start working with you!

Call Signmakers at 323-930-1300 for a Free Consultation with an Exterior Sign Specialist!